SARIPSociedade Anarquica de Relacoes Internacionais Piemmel
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Shihawi Sarip top-scored with 18 points for Hyundai Centennial and was adjudged as the Orient Watch best player of the game while Roland Reyes had 15 points for Mini Cooper.
Foodstuff), Isagani Fuertes (Carrefour), Jumao-as (Hanco Maintenance) and Roldan Vallejo (Carrefour); Roland Gales (Carrefour) best coach; Isagani Fuertes Carrefour MVP 3rd Inter-Naghi Division -- Hyundai Centennial champion, Mini Cooper 1st runner-up, Fuddruckers 2nd runner-up, Chilli's 3rd runner-up; mythical five Randy Dieparine (Chillis), Jojo Makagila (Fuddruckers), Abdul Barie Malik (Hyundai Centennial), Ericson Natividad (Mini Cooper) and Shihawi Orac Sarip (Hyundai Centennial), Sulaiman Udasan (Hyundai Centennial) best coach; Abdul Barie Malik (Hyundai Centennial) MVP Hyundai National Service Operation Manager Waleed Aldesouki handed over the trophies and Giordano gifts to the awardees in Inter-Naghi Division.
Sarip top-scored with 19 points for Hyundai Centennial and was adjudged as the JBL best player s of the game while Santos had 14 points for Al Naghi.