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SARIRsearch and rescue incident report (US DoD)
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It has a 10,000 b/d topping plant at the Sarir field.
The Sarir topping plant, 400 km south of Marsa al-Brega, came on stream in 1988.
Muhairiq told reporters that militias working for the defense ministry were fighting for days with militias working for the interior ministry near the power plant in Sarir before it was targeted Tuesday.
He said that those arrested included Zafar Akbar Butt, Mushtaq Ahmed Butt, Mushtaq Ahmed Sofi, Abdul Majeed Lone, Sahil Ahmad, Abdul Rashid Tanki, Farooq Ahmed Matoo, Farooq Ahmad, Nazir Ahmed, Muhammad Shafi, Shabbir Ahmed, Muzaffar Ahmed, Meraj-ud-din, Sarir Ahmed and Adil Ahmed and were lodged in different police stations.
On December 29, the NOC said production at its southern oilfields of Sarir and Msala had resumed after being suspended for months due to the closure of refineries in the east.
Part of their protest is to block supplies of petrol to the Sarir power plan, the biggest in southern and eastern Libya.
Addressing a conference on the role of civil society networks, IEC member Sarir Ahmad Barmak said they needed public cooperation in conducting an inclusive election.
These include the airports of Kufra, Benina, Misurata, Sirte and Sarir, the ports of Homsand Marsa el Brega, the ministerial centres and buildings of the Libyan Parliament in Sirte, industrial complexes in the cities of Ras Lanuf and Misurata, and the Sewerage and Water Supply system of Benghazi.
He also noted that the remote-controlled aircraft has some of the same features as the domestically manufactured Sarir (Throne) drone, but some other features are more advanced.
The company loaded 381,000 barrels of Sarir and Mesla crude onto the tanker, Hellas Warrior, set for delivery to France's Mediterranean port of Fos-Lavera.
Oil production has restarted in some Libyan fields including Sarir in the east, but the near-deserted Sirte Oil headquarters to the east of Muammar Gaddafi's hometown is testament to the damage the conflict has done to the country's main industry.
Libya is already producing oil from the eastern field of Sarir and sending it to the export terminal of Tobruk, NOC subsidiary Agoco has said.