SARMSSubstance Abuse Recovery Management System
SARMSSubstance Abuse Recovery Management Specialist
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Mr Bignell also congratulated PIRSA today which was nominated for the Banksia Sustainability Award for Sustainable Water Management for developing the SARMS initiative.
The redeveloped Loxton Research Centre underpins the socio-economic outcomes of SARMS and the Basin Plan implementation within the South Australian River Murray region.
With the addition of the SARMS module to the RevMax suite we address the growing challenge of proactively assessing the revenue viability of service customers while rounding out our comprehensive and integrated family of products that make the ROC a reality," said Subash Menon, Subex Azure's Founder and CEO.
Using SARMS, telecommunications operators can flexibly define risk assessment schemes and automatically set credit limits accordingly.
The Government would like to see nominations from people with a genuine interest in the SARMS Program, especially those who have extensive knowledge and expertise in those areas relevant to the Program.
Facilitating one of the State s key economic priorities, production of Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment will be a major investment focus for SARMS.