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SARSSevere Acute Respiratory Syndrome (caused by member of Corona virus family)
SARSSouth African Revenue Service
SARSSyndrome Respiratoire Aigu Sévère (French: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)
SARSSudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (less common)
SARSSchweres Akutes Respiratorisches Syndrom (German: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)
SARSSexual Assault Resource Service
SARSSafety and Reliability Society (UK)
SARSSuspicious Activity Reporting System
SARSSacral Anterior Root Stimulator
SARSSchweitzer Alpine Racing School
SARSSociety of Academic and Research Surgery (UK)
SARSSimpson-Angus Rating Scale
SARSSecurity Activities Reporting System (various organizations)
SARSScientific Apparatus Recycling Scheme
SARSSveze Amputirana Ruka Satriania (Serbian: Freshly Amputated Hand of Satriani; Serbian rock band)
SARSSuffolk Accident Rescue Service (Suffolk, UK)
SARSStaunton-Augusta Rescue Squad
SARSSan Antonio Rotablator Study
SARSSample of Anonymized Records
SARSSegmentation And Reassembly Sublayer
SARSSecure Asset Reporting System
SARSSubstance Abuse and Recovery Services (rehabilitation; various locations)
SARSStudents Against Rude Standards
SARSShipboard/Strategic Automatic Recorder System
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Although SARS no longer poses a credible threat and human-to-human transmission of H5N1 has not been well delineated, our experiences with these 2 pathogens demonstrate how a sentinel laboratory can effectively intervene in the initial phases of a public health threat.
The Prince of Wales Hospital cluster showed a northwest-southwest trend of disease spread that extended over most of Hong Kong (visitors to SARS patients at Prince of Wales Hospital spread the disease as they returned home, the authors observed).
The BHPIV3 virus replicated in the respiratory tracts of all the animals, but only those monkeys that received the S-protein gene developed antibodies against the SARS virus, the scientists report in the June 26 Lancet.
It died out somewhat when SARS did, but was revived last fall with the publication of The Last Defense Line: Concerns About the Loss of Chinese Genes by Tong Zheng, a business consultant with no medical background.
Exclusion Criteria A case may be excluded as a SARS report under investigation (SARS RUI), including as a CDC-defined probable SARS-CoV case, if any of the following apply: * An alternative diagnosis can explain the illness fully **, or * Antibody to SARS-CoV is undetectable in a serum specimen obtained >28 days after onset of illness [double dagger], or * The case was reported on the basis of contact with a person who was excluded subsequently as a case of SARS-CoV disease; then the reported case also is excluded, provided other epidemiologic of laboratory criteria are not present.
SARS symptoms may include chills, headache, aching body, loss of appetite, muscle stiffness, and "feeling bad.
To study the relative usefulness of plasma SARS-CoV measurement at different stages of the disease, we collected serial plasma samples from these eight pediatric SARS patients and subjected them to SARS-CoV quantification.
When SARS hit, the authoritarian proclivities of Singapore's government were channeled into aggressive quarantines.
ABM has developed an 11-point SARS Response Protocol for property managers and their cleaning contractors to serve as a guide to prevent and respond to potential SARS outbreaks.
Close contact within 10 days of symptoms to a person with suspected or known SARS
Chinas handling of SARS has sparked an interesting debate among Western observers.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials are offering the same SARS prevention tips to HIV-positive people that they recommend to the public at large, said spokeswoman Karen Hunter.