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SARSATSearch And Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking
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Having the beacon's co-ordinates and UIN transmitted through the COSPAS SARSAT geostationary GEOSAR satellite constellation will result in a much faster emergency response time, and most importantly a reduced search and rescue area, typically less than 100 metres, compared to around 5 kilometres with conventional 406MHz beacons.
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Once activated, the MAX and MAX G transmit a unique identification signal along with the user's current position via the COSPAS SARSAT international search and rescue satellite system on 406 MHz.
Up to 250 navigational waypoints can be sent from the rescuers to the unit, which has been upgraded to include 406 Sarsat (search and rescue satellite-aided tracking) and a two-way satcom software option.
General Dynamics also mentioned that 406 Sarsat global energy beacon and two-way satcom software upgrades are available.
TSi's first generation MEOLUT deployed at NASA has proven the feasibility of several key features that make the MEOSAR system clearly superior to the current LEO/GEO SARSAT system.
It was NASA's vision decades ago, with its 'missions of opportunity' that underscored the value of hosted payloads, and the SARSAT program was an early pioneer," Valerio continued.
The radio is somewhat unique among its contemporaries in offering a small (25 to 30 MHz) HF and higher than normal VHF range enabling it to detect the Cospas Sarsat 121.
The unit's software is upgradeable, with 406 Sarsat, GPRS, Special Dama, Saasm GPS and other formats already on the drawing boards.
We are honored to provide our SARSAT services and expertise to GSFC", said Chris LaVigna, President, Techno-Sciences, Inc.
Then support the satellite search and rescue system (Hellenic Cospas Sarsat Station).