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SARSATSearch And Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking
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One user who inadvertently activated his new GPS-equipped beacon during maintenance said Sarsat rescue phoned him within 10 minutes and pinpointed the beacon's position within 100 yards of his hangar.
But having a technology like SARSAT when we get in trouble makes me really glad I live in modern times.
When a NOAA satellite pinpoints the location of a distress signal, the information is relayed to the SARSAT Mission Control Center at NOAAs Satellite Operations Facility in Suitland, Maryland.
Coincidentally, that was roughly the time that satellite messengers hit the market and also when NOAA's SARSAT (Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking) stopped listening for 121.
Complete with quick release mounting bracket and automatically deployed antenna, the MT600G is certified by COSPAS SARSAT for worldwide usage.
We then poked around the SARSAT (Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking) Web site, the NOAA program office responsible for satellite monitoring of our ELTs.
ICAO Circular 185-AN/121, Satellite Aided Search and Rescue-The COPAS SARSAT System (Montreal: International Civil Aeronautical Organization, 1986), 17; Brig Gen Rich Comer, interview by the author, July 19, 2000; and Supporting Document 1-79, US Air Force Rescue Force Structure Plan, September 22, 1989.
Two Soviet satellites were already at work in SARSAT, and had made headlines by guiding rescuers to the locations of several mishaps.
The ORS SARSAT configuration serves as the baseline for our reconfigurable payload, which reflects decades of Harris experience in antenna and electronics solutions for multiple space missions.
Up to 250 navigational waypoints can be sent from the rescuers to the unit, which has been upgraded to include 406 Sarsat (search and rescue satellite-aided tracking) and a two-way satcom software option.
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