SARSNSouthern Appalachian Regional Seismic Network (Center for Earthquake Research and Information; Memphis State University; Tennessee)
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The CV of the copy number of these replicate analyses for the SARSPo11 and SARSN amplification systems were 16% at 280 copies/mL and 15% at 320 copies/mL, respectively.
To confirm the data generated by the SARSPo11 RT-PCR system, we used another real-time RT-PCR system (SARSN) targeting the nucleocapsid gene of the SARS-CoV genome to repeat the serum analysis.
For the SARSN RT-PCR assay, the median serum SARS-CoV concentrations in the ICU and non-ICU groups were 23 000 and 870 copies/mL, respectively (see Fig.