SARSSStandard Army Retail Supply System
SARSSSuspected Adverse Reaction Surveillance Scheme
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The SARSS virus has been in existence for five years and out of billions of human beings it has claimed approximately 50 lives, and resulted in 30 million chickens being slaughtered.
Receiving units prepared by having users take prerequisite web-based training, ensuring the accuracy of the data in SARSS, SSF-MW, and FCM, conducting leader awareness briefings, and preparing the site for the D-30 activities.
He held up a chart showing the brigade's connectivity status for SARSS and ULLS-G.
SARSS is a live system that receives daily updates.
If the equipment is shipped through the distribution system, it will be entered into SARSS, but not by serial number or any other information that is unique to that particular item.
The unit's SARSS backup files and associated SOMARDS, STANFANS, and GFEBS data will be collected by the GCSS--Army fielding team and processed through the DSU to produce load files for GCSS--Army conversion.
SARSS was the primary system used to account for other classes of materiel, and responsibility for its retrograde lay with the retrograde materiel redistribution teams and the SSAs.
With the SARSS connected to the VSAT network, any logistics system that needed to interface with SARSS could now be installed.
Last October, EP Phase II allowed credit for designated Army SARSS customers only for issue of like reparable items as set in DFAS Regulation 37-1, Chapter 13.