SARSS-1Standard Army Retail Supply System - Level 1
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Despite the intense data cleansing procedures in place, the possibility exists that some records will fail to migrate because of a nonstandard, noncataloged record from the SARSS-1 backup file and its associated accounting records having no GCSS--Army master file match.
Class II, IIIP, IV, and IX supplies actually delivered to the theater of operations will be delivered in "pure-packed" pallets by the distribution assets of the TSC's sustainment brigades directly to the SARSS-1 SSA from which the request was transmitted to the national level.
Winner: HQs Regional Spt Cmd, SARSS-1 Site, Ft McCoy, WI
The Saber FLE forward issue point facilitated supply point distribution with its Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS-1) remote computer and 10,000-pound Atlas forklifts.