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SARTSSwitched Access Remote Test System
SARTSSingapore Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
SARTSState Annual Report Template System
SARTSSociety for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies
SARTSSan Antonio Radio Trunking System
SARTSSmall Arms Readiness and Training Section (Texas National Guard)
SARTSSabah Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
SARTSSACDIN Automated Requests Traceability System
SARTSSmall Arms Remote Target System (USMC)
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The SARTs in Idaho comprise one medical staff member, one security staff member, one mental health professional and one person designated as the facility's victim services coordinator (a nonsecurity staff member).
The timeliness of reimbursement cash flows to the SART to make bond payments as they become due.
This contract is a new milestone for SARTs international development.
a Chelton Group Company, designs and manufactures a complete line of safety and survival products including EPIRBs, PLBs, UAIS, SSAS, personal utility lights, marker lights, radios, SARTs and safety accessories.
Contractor address : Parc industriel des Hauts Sarts 255