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SARUSouth African Rugby Union
SARUSouth Asia Research Unit (est. 1991; Australia)
SARUSpatial Archaeology Research Unit (University of Cape Town; South Africa)
SARUSexual Assault Response Unit
SARUSecurity Aspects of RFID Usage
SARUSocio-Spatial Analysis Research Unit (UK)
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While SARU refuses to acknowledge that political pressure to increase Black representation in the Springbok team is tantamount to a quota system, the expectations of an increased number of Black players to be included in the final squad for the Rugby World Cup is in danger of becoming reality.
In 2007 SARU launched the Elite Squad project, which replaced the old Green Squads.
The SARU will therefore begin an investigation into the matter, with the governing body also set to convene a tribunal to hear the case at a date to be confirmed.
Rugby is a physical game and a hard game but it is a game that rightly prides itself on good sportsmanship and we at Saru categorically condemn any such action.
On 16 January 2005 farmer Rein Koiv discovered a huddle of squeaking rats on the sandy floor of his shed in Saru village, Moniste parish, Voru county, Estonia.
There is a dispute as to who approached the Minister 89 to initiate the inquiry into allegations of corporate mismanagement against the then President of Saru, Mr Louis Luyt.
Saru Jayaraman, co-director of Colors Restaurant, said: "The Nonprofit Finance Fund helped us to put together more than half of the roughly $2 million needed to open Colors.
Saru is an important figure in hooks's young life, teaching hooks how to interpret dreams and telling her about the heritages that belong to her as a woman, as an African American, as someone who is part-"Indian.
The seven collections contained are Fuyu no Hi (Winter Days); Haru no Hi (Spring Days); Arano (Fields of Wilderness); Hisago (The Gourd); Saru Mino (Coats of Straw for Monkeys); Sumi-dawara (Bags of Charcoal); and Zoku Saru Mino (Saru Mino, Continued).
Make oxygen analyzer probe for decomposition furnace in saru, As per technical specifications mentioned in rfq
Roux says that SARU regards all areas as equally important but "knows[s] that in the court of public opinion there is only one metric that will be scrutinised and that is black representation among players and coaches--especially at Springbok level.