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SARUSSearch And Recovery Using Satellites
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Sarus Court forms part of the wider Manor Park industrial estate, strategically located to the west of Runcorn and five kilometers from the Mersey Gateway Project, a new six lane bridge over the River Mersey connecting the towns of Runcorn and Widnes and linking the M56 to M62.
Again in November 1993, during another survey, some 16 sarus cranes were observed in the same area.
Around 30 percent species of cranes used to come to the Etawah bird sanctuary due to which in 2000, a Sarus crane protection centre was set up here.
Out of the 220 species recorded in Dadri wetlands during the past four years, environmentalists have spotted sarus (the state bird of Uttar Pradesh), blue throat (a rare bird from Alaska) and waterfowl such as malard, pintale, shovelers, garganey, pochards, wigeons and waders.
The birds are vastly different in size, from 10-gram Japanese white-eyes to 7,000-gram sarus cranes.
Contract awarded for the queensland government is seeking tenders to undertake the works for the brisbane north west channel beacon nw2 sarus tower replacement.
Tenders are invited for Strengthening Of Existing Central Lights At Saru Section Road (Under The Sjmmsvy Grant)