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SARUSSearch And Recovery Using Satellites
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Having begun her journalism career uncovering how then Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh's plan to set up an airport in his ancestral village Saifai would destroy the largest habitat of sarus cranes, Dutt went on to report on the overarching presence of the mining mafia in Goa.
Designated as the official bird of Uttar Pradesh, the Sarus crane is the tallest of the cranes, standing six feet tall.
Around 30 percent species of cranes used to come to the Etawah bird sanctuary due to which in 2000, a Sarus crane protection centre was set up here.
Every year, around 5000 population of Sarus cranes used to come here and apart from that around 20,000 other species of cranes also used to come here.
Breeding performance of Indian Sarus Crane Grus antigone antigone in the paddy crop agroecosystem.
Breeding performance of the Indian Sarus Crane in the agricultural landscape of western India.
Once abundant throughout its historic range in Southeast Asia, the sarus crane, which is the world's tallest flying bird, also fell victim to the Indochina turmoil of the 1960s and 1970s.
Out of the 220 species recorded in Dadri wetlands during the past four years, environmentalists have spotted sarus (the state bird of Uttar Pradesh), blue throat (a rare bird from Alaska) and waterfowl such as malard, pintale, shovelers, garganey, pochards, wigeons and waders.
Bil Akbarpur has more than 40 sarus that were also found breeding in that area.
Tenders are invited for Strengthening Of Existing Central Lights At Saru Section Road (Under The Sjmmsvy Grant)