SASACState-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (China)
SASACSouth Austin Senior Activity Center (Austin, TX)
SASACSouth Acton Skills and Arts Collaborative (UK)
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The Directors (other than the independent non-executive Directors) considered that the PRC Valuation Report was mainly for the use of Communications Group for making the necessary filings to Zhejiang SASAC.
Given the significant autonomy SOEs now enjoy in their commercial business decisions and the abolishment of bureaucratic control in direct management, it seems very unlikely for any bureaucratic department, particularly SASAC, to intervene in the day-to-day commercial activities (e.
This is attributed partly to the profit-seeking focus of SASAC and the continuing offering of public shares.
At the same time SASAC provided strategic reforming mission as "Combining the system of board of directors and the political core function of the CCP organization" to Baosteel and Baosteel performed reformation by focusing on relation and connection of the CCP organization and corporate governance structure continuously for that.
Upon its establishment in 2003, SASAC developed a performance evaluation system to rank each central SOE in relation to its reference industrial sector (Asian Development Bank 2007).
In addition to SASAC presiding at the top of the corporate pyramid, we see that the "Secretary of the CPC Party Committee," the "Deputy Secretary of the CPC Party Committee," and the "Deputy Secretary of the CPC Party Committee/Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee" serve in the top echelon of the company's management with the board of directors and executive officers.
because of the mission of SASAC and CNPC's potential privatization.
Summary: SASAC is both a regulator and shareholder of some Chinese state giants.
SASAC acts mainly as the facilitator and promoter of the effective implementation of reforms, which had been officially launched already in the 1990s, but had not been carried out thoroughly until the political will to get rid of loss-making SOEs became evident, and state support was drastically focused on a limited number of large and ever-growing firms.
The width of the highway," according to SASAC, "will be expanded from 10 meters to 30 meters, and its transport capacity will be increased three times.
SASAC did not reveal which companies sent the letters, but the two airlines denied they were involved.