SASACState-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (China)
SASACSouth Austin Senior Activity Center (Austin, TX)
SASACSouth Acton Skills and Arts Collaborative (UK)
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20) The group was led by Qingshan Feng, Deputy Head of the local SASAC.
Given the significant autonomy SOEs now enjoy in their commercial business decisions and the abolishment of bureaucratic control in direct management, it seems very unlikely for any bureaucratic department, particularly SASAC, to intervene in the day-to-day commercial activities (e.
Given the close relationship with China National Gold--in management, share ownership, and its self-proclaimed connection--there is a strong argument that China International Gold is a State-owned company and therefore must comply with Chinese State-owned CSR laws, namely those that focus on stakeholder engagement, such as the Company Law of the People's Republic of China and its SASAC implementation guidelines.
This is attributed partly to the profit-seeking focus of SASAC and the continuing offering of public shares.
vertically integrated corporate groups organized under SASAC,
SASAC, the regulator of China's state- owned enterprises, emphasized the importance of introducing further market discipline (though within the context of continued majority state ownership).
The founding of SASAC marked a milestone in the restructuring of state-owned business groups that act as a form of reliable consumers for numerous "red" suppliers and other private subcontractors.
Baosteel is Chinese representative State-owned Enterprise which is directly controlled by the SASAC what is the subsidiary department of State Council in Chinese government execute the responsibility as owner for Baosteel.
The new agency is referred to as 'financial SASAC,' in line with the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), an umbrella agency that manages the state's holdings in non-financial state-owned enterprises.
In addition to SASAC presiding at the top of the corporate pyramid, we see that the "Secretary of the CPC Party Committee," the "Deputy Secretary of the CPC Party Committee," and the "Deputy Secretary of the CPC Party Committee/Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee" serve in the top echelon of the company's management with the board of directors and executive officers.
because of the mission of SASAC and CNPC's potential privatization.
Summary: SASAC is both a regulator and shareholder of some Chinese state giants.