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SASCSenate Armed Services Committee
SASCSmall Arms School Corps (UK)
SASCSouth African Society of Cinematographers
SASCSouth Asian Subcontinent (airlines)
SASCStaff and Associate Specialists Committee (England - British Medical Association)
SASCSmall Arms Support Center
SASCSan Angeles Saluki Club, Inc. (California)
SASCSanta Ana Star Center (Rio Rancho, NM)
SASCStudent Academic Success Center (various schools)
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Given the significance attributed to the 2001 AUMF in then-DoD General Counsel Johnson's Yale Law School address, and in the written statements of the DoD witnesses to the SASC, it is remarkable the President would then alter this position one week after the SASC hearing and assert that the 2001 AUMF should be "refined and ultimately repealed.
While the main finding of the Full Court in State of South Australia v Lampard-Trevorrow [2010] SASC 56 was that the Aborigines Protection Board lacked the power to remove the child from his mother, the decision also considered the failure of the Aborigines Protection Board to balance the risk of harm through leaving Mr Trevorrow with his mother against the risk of psychiatric harm to Mr Trevorrow as a result of removing him from his mother.
HIT cells are also suited for solar cars competing in the SASC because its regulations limit the total area of solar cells installed on the car body.
The SASC report on one small segment of the supply chain between 2009 and 2010 found 1,800 different cases of bogus components, involving over a million parts.
Similar mixed messages are also coming from DoD and the SASC in their management of the F-35 program.
The SASC also recognizes the Navy has little real enthusiasm for amphibious operations and its control over the shipyard builders is tenuous, as the SASC has warned that "although there have been improvements in recently delivered ships, cost and quality issues have been all too common in the procurement of large and medium amphibious ships, making an already constrained shipbuilding budget more difficult to execute.
SASC has two healthcare contact centers in New Brunswick and also supports similar services in Ontario and British Columbia.
The appropriate congressional committees for this Section include the HFAC, the SFRC, both the HASC and SASC, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
Language in the SASC report left the door open for additional C-27J purchases, referring to the currently budgeted number of 38 aircraft as a "floor" rather than a "ceiling.
W4GG Baghdad SASC Operation Iraqi Freedom Bldg A5, Armadillo Area, Camp Stryker Baghdad, Iraq APO AE 09342 Commercial: (732) 427-5130 (ext 6805/6806) email: smallarmsbaghdad@mmcs.
It was entered verbatim into testimony before the above-cited SASC hearing on 3 May 2001 (p.
2002] SASC 424 (Unreported, Lander J, 20 December 2002) [103].