SASCOST (Singapore Technologies) Aviation Services Co.
SASCOStructured Asset Securities Corporation (Jersey City, NJ)
SASCOSouth African Students Congress
SASCOSustainability Alliance of Southwest Colorado (est. 2005)
SASCOStudent and Student Chapter Outreach (American Library Association; Chicago, IL)
SASCOSudanese Aeronautical Services Co. Ltd
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The President of SCTA along with the Deputy Governor of Riyadh province toured the SASCO roadside station reviewing its various facilities as it operates a number of basic services such as fuel station, groceries, and MTN services, in addition to the many restaurants and cafes, national and international in its premises.
The company then decided to check other aircraft that underwent the same maintenance procedures around the same time at SASCO in June and July last year but found deployment problems with masks in only the three aircraft.
SASCO completed its first DC-10 freighter conversion in October 2000, making it the first DC-10 conversion program completed in Southeast Asia.
For his part, the Chairman of SASCO, Ibrahim bin Mohammad Al Hedaithi, praised the support that SASCO had received from the President of SCTA for upgrading its business and restructuring its facilities, which has greatly contributed to the launching of a number of upgraded projects along the highways.
Able management estimates that, with strong growth of SASCO and SES, total consideration for the acquisitions could equal as much as $7 million paid in Able common stock.
The job at SASCO provides him with the opportunity to make new friends from diverse backgrounds.
Management expects that acquisition of SASCO and SES would provide additional revenues to Able well in excess of $20 million during the first year of combined operations.
He said he is happy that SASCO is in the Saudi Stock Exchange, as that would make the company offer enhanced services to increase its yearly revenues.
The notes are auction rate notes and are secured, pro rata, primarily by $125,000,000 in aggregate certificate principal amount of SASCO Floating Rate Commercial Mortgage Trust Multiclass Pass-Through Certificates, series 1998-C3, class A-1-b (SASCO CMBS), which are rated 'AAA' by Fitch IBCA.
SASCO will act as master servicer, overseeing the servicing of the mortgage loans, providing certain reports to the trustee, and making advances on the mortgage loans should the servicer fail to make the required advance.
LNR CFL 2004-1 is collateralized by a portion of class I in SASCO 1996-CFL, which is rated 'BB+'.