SASEMSimple Approach Smoke Estimation Model
SASEMSelf-Aligned Single Electron Memories and Circuits (research project)
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Son bilan fait [euro]u[c]tat de la participation de 17 pays dont lae1/4aoIran, la Chine ainsi que 13 autres pays africains et ce, en plus de la SACD des droits dae1/4aoauteurs en France, la SASEM, lae1/4aoOrganisation Mondiale de la Cr[euro]u[c]ativit[euro]u[c] et autre.
Hence, we specially thank SASEM 2017 for the peer-review and the anonymous referees for their useful suggestions.
Sasem Soleymani, the major general who commands Iran's Qods visited Moscow last month, which raised a bit of a to-do in the international media because a UN Security Council resolution, supported by Russia, bars Russia from giving him a visa.