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SASERSound Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
SASERSynthetic Atmosphere and Space Environment Representations
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It includes largely virgin peaks such as Saser Kangri- I ( 7,415 m), Saser Kangri - II ( 7,513m), Saser Kangri III ( 7,495 m), Mamostong Kangri, Rimo Group, Apsaras I, II, II1, Teram Kangri I, II, III, Singhi Kangri, Sia Kangri, Ghaint I and II and Indira Col.
Steven John Swenson from one of the most difficult glacier, named 'Shupka Kunzang' located at the base of Saser Kangri-II peak in the East Karakoram range of Ladakh region in India.
The 2 big firms involved in the internet project Saser (Safe and Secure European Routing) have recently been taken over by US corporations.