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The cases that I discuss include advocacy to mainstream R2P across the UN human rights system, member state efforts to increase Security Council accountability in relation to R2P concerns, the role of the SASG on R2P in the conceptual development of the norm, and the role of R2P focal points in implementing R2P in domestic contexts.
The directive was issued in response to SASG's complaint that Aloysius had not furnished financial statement of PTL prepared by a Chartered Account, as instructed by the Fort Magistrate on June 7, 2018.
The group accused some elements within the present administration in the state and the ruling APC of hiring some miscreants to monitor the movement of SASG leaders with the sinister motive of eliminating them.
SASG de Livera said the letter Minister Karunanayake had purportedly written to the then Governor Arjuna Mahendra had been newly created.
The role of Staphylococcus aureus surface protein SasG in adherence and biofilm formation.
Se han identificado varias adhesinas relacionadas con la colonizacion, como el factor [beta] cumplng clfB, 1 as proteinas de superficie sasG (proteina G de superficie de S.
This current flows along most part of the Brazilian tropical and subtropical continental shelf and the adjacent offshore region, and it is one of the major currents associated with the South Atlantic subtropical gyre (SASG) ocean circulation system.
A review by Boles and Horswill [41] reported that, besides PIA, the second major biofilm matrix components of Staphylococcal biofilms are proteins, such as the fibronectin binding proteins, protein A, SasG, and beta toxin.
Anyone can assault an old man as if attacking SASG will make the Kashmir issue just disappear.
A comprehensive SAS program called SASG x ESTAB has become available, which calculates different parametric and nonparametric stability statistics (Hussein et al., 2000).
The NGOs which have benefitted from this fund are: Animal Care Malta 2,400, Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) 3,000, Stray Animals Support Group (SASG) 2,940.80, National Cat Society 3,000, Gozo SPCA 3,000, St.
JEDDAH: The 7th Saudi Arabia Smart Grid (SASG) Conference on smart grids and renewable energy will be held at Jeddah's Hilton Hotel from December 12-14 under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources.