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SASHStand Alone Shell
SASHSociety for the Advancement of Sexual Health
SASHStutz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holtz (law firm; various locations)
SASHSuicide and Self-Harm
SASHApache Struts, Apache Axis, the Spring Framework and Hibernate (SourceLabs)
SASHSurvivors of Abuse and Self-Harming
SASHStudents Achieving Social Harmony
SASHSustainable Agriculture and Self-Help
SASHSound Advice Safety and Health Ltd (UK)
SASHSaline Antibiotic Saline Heparin
SASHSexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Committee (various universities)
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He could have been killed, as you say, with lots of other things--even with his own military sash; but we have to explain not bow he was killed, but how he was shot.
Don't you ever forget to lift your sash and fix those puffy things when you sit down?
Dolly didn't ask why not, or say a word, indeed, but stooped her head down very low to tie his sash.
"I'm going to have a white satin with a pink sash, pink stockings, bronze slippers, and a spangled fan."
On her head, among her black hair--her own, with no false additions--was a little wreath of pansies, and a bouquet of the same in the black ribbon of her sash among white lace.
Leaping to his feet he ran for the window; but the ape-man was too quick for him and before he could leap through the sash a heavy hand fell upon his shoulder and he was jerked back and hurled across the room to the opposite wall.
Alec for the oatmeal diet when she saw a lovely ivory workbox; became resigned to the state of her belt when she found a pile of rainbow-coloured sashes; and when she came to some distractingly pretty bottles of attar of rose, she felt that they almost atoned for the great sin of thinking Phebe the finer girl of the two.
Supposing, then, the springs upon each sash to be the same, as was probable, there must be found a difference between the nails, or at least between the modes of their fixture.
The curtain at the window had been pulled by a heavy hand and hung by one tack, dangling to and fro in the draft through the cracks at the sash. The knots of blue ribbons appeared like violated flowers.
I skips along out towards t'other end o' de house to see what's gwine on, en stops by de ole winder on de side towards Pudd'nhead Wilson's house dat ain't got no sash in it-- but dey ain't none of 'em got any sashes, for as dat's concerned-- en I stood dah in de dark en look out, en dar in the moonlight, right down under me 'uz one o' de twins a-cussin'--not much, but jist a-cussin' soft--it 'uz de brown one dat 'uz cussin,'
He had insisted that the library curtains should draw backward and forward on a rod, so that they might be closed in the evening, instead of remaining nailed to a gilt cornice, and immovably looped up over layers of lace, as in the drawing-room; and he pulled them back and pushed up the sash, leaning out into the icy night.
Man may, in effect, be said to look out on the world from a sentry-box with two joined sashes for his window.