SASIDState Assigned Student Identifier (various locations)
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"LED traffic lights are not only energy-saving, but also safer, as they are brighter and more easily visible to motorists," Kao Shu-fang, an official at the bureau, sasid.
Parent Deborah Pink, who has been involved in leading the fight to protect Pensby Park Primary, said the school is in the top 21% in Wirral Many parents had already signed their children up for other schools after hearing that Pensby Park was under threat, she sasid..
The individual student scores were matched using the state assigned student identifier (SASID) for students who remained in the same district (not necessarily in the same school) from 2004 to 2006.
Due to strong growth in both imported beer and spirits, the company sasid net sales for Second Quarter 2004 grew 12% to reach $320 million
He's got to get on the nets and see if he can bat,' sasid his brother.
Paul Wilkinson, a fellow terrorism expert from St Andrews University sasid: "To warn someone in advance of an assassination would be unusual, to say the least."
In a statement isued here on Tuesday, he sasid that such fake elections would not be tolerated.