SASMScottish Audit of Surgical Mortality
SASMScottish Audit of Surgical Mortality (UK)
SASMSouth African Students Movement
SASMSewerage Agency of Southern Marin (Mill Valley, CA)
SASMSouth African Society for Microbiology
SASMSouthwest Asia Service Medal
SASMSecurity Anti-Spoofing Module (GPS)
SASMSpecial Assistant for Strategic Mobility
SASMStaff Agency Security Manager (USAF)
SASMSuccessive Approximation State Machine
SASMStudents of the American Society for Microbiology (Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA)
SASMSpecialty Assistant Store Manager (retail position)
SASMSelf-Adhered Sheet Membrane
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The study subjects were DASM, SASM and GAAPE managers and professionals.
aureus en 10 antibiotipos (Ant1-Ant10), donde el 70 % de estos aislamientos pertenecieron a dos antibiotipos: SASM-Ant7 (52,8 %, 19/36, SASM multisensible) y al SARM-Ant1 (16,7 %, 6/36, SARM multisensible) (Tabla 1).
Under this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), CME and SASM will now offer joint TWI training in Saskatchewan.
aureus con uno o mas antibioticos no probados 42 (1,8) SASM 1 648 (71,4) Sensible a Clindamicina y Eritromicina 1 345 (58,3) Resistente a Clindamicina 46 (2) Resistente a Eritromicina 174 (7,5) Resistente a Clindamicina y Eritromicina 74 (3,6) SARM 618 (26,8) Sensible a Clindamicina y Eritromicina (SARM-AC *) 74 (3,2) Resistente a Clindamicina 22 (1) Resistente a Eritromicina 15 (0,6) Resistente a Clindamicina y Eritromicina * 507 (22) Total 2 308 (100) * Estos aislamientos por present ar resitencia a meticilina y sensibilidad a clindamicina y eritromicina son sugestivos de ser SARM-AC.
The SASM report also revealed that 161 hospital deaths in Scotland in 2004 were a result of delays or blunders.
25kHz -- Built-in frequency synthesizer, from 25khH to 50MHz -- Supports external oscillator circuit via External Oscillator Input clip -- Step, Run, Run to Cursor, Animate, Animation Trace functions -- Writes to all registers for code testing -- One level real-time breakpoint -- 3-clip external probe for External Break Input, External Oscillator Input and ground -- Conditional Animation Break -- Software animation trace buffer capturing three user-defined trace variables in addition to opcode, W, Mode, STATUS and FSR registers and the corresponding instructions -- All display in hex, binary, decimal and ASCII -- Comes with SASM Assembler
But SASM board chairman Professor Graham Teasdale said: 'Surgical care in Scotland remains a very safe process.
SASM chairman Professor John Temple said: ``Surgical treatment in Scotland is at an all-time high.
But last night, Professor John Temple, chairman of the Scottish Audit of Surgical Mortality - SASM - insisted the number of deaths was "not worrying".