SASMStrategic Air Space Museum (Ashland, NE)
SASMScottish Audit of Surgical Mortality
SASMScottish Audit of Surgical Mortality (UK)
SASMSouth African Students Movement
SASMSewerage Agency of Southern Marin (Mill Valley, CA)
SASMSelf-Adhered Sheet Membrane
SASMSouth African Society for Microbiology
SASMSouthwest Asia Service Medal
SASMSecurity Anti-Spoofing Module (GPS)
SASMSpecial Assistant for Strategic Mobility
SASMStaff Agency Security Manager (USAF)
SASMSuccessive Approximation State Machine
SASMStudents of the American Society for Microbiology (Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA)
SASMSpecialty Assistant Store Manager (retail position)
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The study subjects were DASM, SASM and GAAPE managers and professionals.
aureus en 10 antibiotipos (Ant1-Ant10), donde el 70 % de estos aislamientos pertenecieron a dos antibiotipos: SASM-Ant7 (52,8 %, 19/36, SASM multisensible) y al SARM-Ant1 (16,7 %, 6/36, SARM multisensible) (Tabla 1).
Under this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), CME and SASM will now offer joint TWI training in Saskatchewan.
aureus con uno o mas antibioticos no probados 42 (1,8) SASM 1 648 (71,4) Sensible a Clindamicina y Eritromicina 1 345 (58,3) Resistente a Clindamicina 46 (2) Resistente a Eritromicina 174 (7,5) Resistente a Clindamicina y Eritromicina 74 (3,6) SARM 618 (26,8) Sensible a Clindamicina y Eritromicina (SARM-AC *) 74 (3,2) Resistente a Clindamicina 22 (1) Resistente a Eritromicina 15 (0,6) Resistente a Clindamicina y Eritromicina * 507 (22) Total 2 308 (100) * Estos aislamientos por present ar resitencia a meticilina y sensibilidad a clindamicina y eritromicina son sugestivos de ser SARM-AC.
The SASM report also revealed that 161 hospital deaths in Scotland in 2004 were a result of delays or blunders.
25kHz -- Built-in frequency synthesizer, from 25khH to 50MHz -- Supports external oscillator circuit via External Oscillator Input clip -- Step, Run, Run to Cursor, Animate, Animation Trace functions -- Writes to all registers for code testing -- One level real-time breakpoint -- 3-clip external probe for External Break Input, External Oscillator Input and ground -- Conditional Animation Break -- Software animation trace buffer capturing three user-defined trace variables in addition to opcode, W, Mode, STATUS and FSR registers and the corresponding instructions -- All display in hex, binary, decimal and ASCII -- Comes with SASM Assembler
But SASM board chairman Professor Graham Teasdale said: 'Surgical care in Scotland remains a very safe process.
SASM chairman Professor John Temple said: ``Surgical treatment in Scotland is at an all-time high.
But last night, Professor John Temple, chairman of the Scottish Audit of Surgical Mortality - SASM - insisted the number of deaths was "not worrying".