SASMASouth African Sports Medicine Association
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SASMA, as the national umbrella body for sports medicine, commits itself within the bounds of medical ethics and sound clinical practice, to co-operate with other national representative sports bodies for the benefit of the health of South African athletes.
There were, at the time of the Games, 268 registered members of SASMA.
This simple analysis reveals that statistically, even though the total number of 'sports' practitioners in South Africa is unknown, only 54% of sports health care practitioners at the Olympic and Paralympic Games were SASMA members.
The result must be seen in light of, and in spite of, the fact that being a SASMA member carries credits in the assessment of team selection, and that invitations for applicants are primarily through SASMA channels.
Olympic Paralympic Medical Games Games team Doctors 4 2 6 Physiotherapists 11 7 18 Total 15 9 24 SASMA SASMA members members (% of total) Doctors 4 67 Physiotherapists 9 50 Total 13 54 (Olympics 53) (Paralympics 56)
SASMA can assist in this ongoing education role providing the regions become strong and vibrant.
Soon a mechanism will be in place for better communication between SASMA members, so we will be able to piggyback onto this communication structure to inform members about the journal.
The past president of SASMA, Dr Demitri Constantinou, said that 'SASMA is pledging its members to respect the rule of law in the fight against doping and to practise ethically in that respect; and further, in the optimal care of athletes and sports participants at all levels, using best practice knowledge and models.
Dr Louis Holzthausen is the new president of SASMA.