SASOSSingle Address Space Operating System
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Overall, based on international study results and in the context of secondary analysis of the SASOS, a large number of hospitalised medical and surgical patients would benefit from PBM.
Given the differences in critical care resources, and the observed differences in the characteristics of the critical care admissions in SA relative to those in Europe, the objective of this study was to describe the demographics, organ failures, organ support and outcomes of non-cardiac surgical patients admitted to critical care units in SA during the SASOS study period.
"Not another parenting book!" said my 17-year-old when he saw me reading Patt and Steve Saso's Parenting Your Teens with T.L.C.
We must also pay close attention to young Soldiers and the difficulties they may experience from putting their weapons on safe in order to perform SASO after having constant vigilance on the battlefield.
Any examination of the role of engineers within SSCs and SASOs reveals that engineers are asked to "step up to the plate" across the spectrum of combat, combat-support, and combat-service-support functions.
10 Best Gifts for Your Teen: Raising Teens With Love and Understanding by Patt and Steve Saso (Sorin Books, 1999): I am the mother of three teenage boys, and this book has been of tremendous help.
SASOS was a 7-day national multicentre prospective observational cohort study.
Indeed, the SASOS had a small and unrepresentative sample of eight district hospitals in SA, constituting only 6.4% of the patients in the study.
The SASOS database is comprised of 3 927 SA patients [greater than or equal to] 16 years old, who underwent surgical procedures at 45 government hospitals between 19 and 26 May 2014.
[6] to conduct a similar 7-day cohort study known as the South African Surgical Outcomes Study (SASOS) during 2014 in SA.
The above provided the rationale to conduct a study similar to EuSOS in SA, known as the South African Surgical Outcomes Study (SASOS).
The SA Surgical Outcomes Study (SASOS) reports a 10.2% prevalence of diabetes in our surgical population (5.8% non-insulin dependent, and 4.4% insulin dependent).