SASPState Agencies for Surplus Property (distribution of government surplus property)
SASPSulfasalazine (colitis and Crohn's disease medication)
SASPSeparation and Airspace Safety Panel
SASPStudent Affiliates in School Psychology (college student organization; various locations)
SASPSingle Advanced Signal Processor (US Navy ASW project)
SASPSmall Arms Serialization Program
SASPSenescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype (tumor suppresion)
SASPSpecial Ammunition Supply Point
SASPSurface Air Sampling Program
SASPScience and Applications Space Platform
SASPSmall Acid-Soluble Protein (microbiology)
SASPSouthern African Student Program
SASPSatellite Access Service Provider
SASPSocial Anxiety/Social Phobia
SASPSingle Acoustic Signal Processor
SASPSet of Accredited Security Parameters
SASPStorage and Application Service Provider
SASPSexual Assault Service Provider
SASPSeverely-Errored AIS Seconds - Path (Telabs)
SASPStudent Achievement & Success Program (Anne Arundel Community College; Arnold, MD)
SASPSingle Authorization for Simplified Procedure (software)
SASPSampled Analog Signal Processor (analog RF device)
SASPStudent Auxiliary Safety Patrol (Ithaca College Office of Public Safety; New York)
SASPSouth Australia's Strategic Plan (est. 2004)
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In 2006 the first progress report on the SASP was released and overall progress towards these two targets was described by the Audit committee as 'lagging', with 'negative movement' in relation to the Aboriginal health and wellbeing target (GOSA 2006: 78-80).
Rats in Group II to V received oral administration of 600 mg/kg/day of SASP for 14 successive days.
Many researchers have reported the antifertility effect of AMP and SASP at a considerable higher dose (12, 13).
A type of virus known to target only bacteria is used to carry the SASP gene through the body directly to the infection, delivering it into the bacteria.
2 belongs to a new class of antibacterial proteins called SASPs that act by binding to bacterial DNA and halting replication and gene expression, resulting in rapid cell death.
It alleges that Tigana failed to advise Fulham that Marlet's salary at Olympique Lyonnais SASP was much lower than he negotiated with Fulham, and that he also failed to advise the club that Marlet had a financial interest in the transfer fee through a profit share with OL.
Hara and his group have shown that senescent cells release inflammatory cytokines and proteases as part of the SASP in response to DNA damage, and some SASP factors such as IL-6 and PAI-1 are known to increase the risk of cancer in obese individuals.
6th conference of SASP comprising speakers and members of parliaments of SAARC member countries is continuing in Islamabad and NA speaker Fehmida Mirza was elected new chairperson of SASP in a ceremony held here Monday.
CAS 2004/A/791, La SASP Le Havre Athletic Club v/ FIFA & Newcastle United FC et al.
SASP is used by CPG to analyze the value of each institution's deposit accounts, establish an account's risk score and appropriately identify secondary products and earned credits to be made available to the account's owner in order to maximize the deposit account's value for the banks.