SASPSimple Access Signaling Protocol
SASPServer Application State Protocol
SASPSelf Addressed Stamped Postcard
SASPSouth Australia's Strategic Plan (est. 2004)
SASPState Agencies for Surplus Property (distribution of government surplus property)
SASPSulfasalazine (colitis and Crohn's disease medication)
SASPSeparation and Airspace Safety Panel
SASPStudent Auxiliary Safety Patrol (Ithaca College Office of Public Safety; New York)
SASPStudent Affiliates in School Psychology (college student organization; various locations)
SASPSingle Advanced Signal Processor (US Navy ASW project)
SASPSmall Arms Serialization Program
SASPSenescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype (tumor suppresion)
SASPSpecial Ammunition Supply Point
SASPSurface Air Sampling Program
SASPScience and Applications Space Platform
SASPSmall Acid-Soluble Protein (microbiology)
SASPSouthern African Student Program
SASPSatellite Access Service Provider
SASPSocial Anxiety/Social Phobia
SASPSet of Accredited Security Parameters
SASPSingle Acoustic Signal Processor
SASPStorage and Application Service Provider
SASPSexual Assault Service Provider
SASPSeverely-Errored AIS Seconds - Path (Telabs)
SASPSingle Authorization for Simplified Procedure (software)
SASPStudent Achievement & Success Program (Anne Arundel Community College; Arnold, MD)
SASPSampled Analog Signal Processor (analog RF device)
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Particularly, in this study, the students scored higher in SPA and SSSP, but lower in SPT and SASP for preclinical years than clinical years.
SASP founders bill their program as the first and only hands-on paving school in the United States, providing "best practice" methodology in pavers, porcelain and wall construction areas of study.
36] The second case received SASP 1000 mg/day bid for RA.
Target: SASP Olympique Gymnaste Club Nice CA'te d' Azur
The other group of 16 patients received accepted NSAIDs and SASP according to the recommended dosage during this period research.
Here we review the latest data connecting oxidative and ER stress with the SASP in the context of aging and T2DM, with emphasis on endothelial cells (ECs) and endothelial dysfunction.
In 2006 the first progress report on the SASP was released and overall progress towards these two targets was described by the Audit committee as 'lagging', with 'negative movement' in relation to the Aboriginal health and wellbeing target (GOSA 2006: 78-80).
Predomina el SASP tradicional de ganado bovino de doble proposito con el objetivo de producir leche y becerros al destete para la venta.
Scores obtained on the VMI, SASP, and SFA subscales were recorded on two separate occasions: at initial pretest (one week prior to intervention) and at posttest (one week post the 10 intervention sessions).
Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, India, Shri Anand Singh Khaki, in his address said that SACEP and SASP have got immense progress.
There are some reports regarding the relationship between the use of SASP and infertility in men.
The mechanism of the side effect of using SASP is not clear, but it seems that either SASP or a metabolite is toxic for developing spermatozoa (9).