SASPFStandard Application Software Product Families
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This contract are services in the area SASPF implementation and rollout.
The contracting authority awards in the context of this invitation support services of SASPF training in the power range IT service management specialist support SASPF training systems.
Currently use approximately 60,000 users that SASPF overall system of the Bundeswehr.
Currently use about 60 000 users that SASPF overall system of the Bundeswehr.
The services of the BWI Systeme et al belongs the introduction of measures of system and application management for a fixed portfolio of systems in use (meaning) (eg based on legacy systems as IBM mainframe) and for the SAP systems of the Bundeswehr, which hereinafter referred to as SASPF (Standard Application software product families) are called.
The BWI Systeme supports the Bundeswehr in performing the SASPF rollouts and provides in all phases of SASPF Rollout the necessary quality assurance and reporting.