SASPFStandard Application Software Product Families
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The staff of AN used must have completed a CH-53 education, and a basic knowledge of the interactive, electronic documentation (IETM) and have skills in electronic documentation of activities in TechLog SASPF.
SASPF Preparation / IP data (pre- and post-processing, analysis ,.
Here, the existing and additionally resulting dataset is to be assessed in terms of the migration to SASPF and then accompany the transfer to a production system SASPF and the use operatively coupled.
Support of BINBw in the design and adaptation of structures and processes, validation and migration of data from the sense and preparation of guidelines for action and implementation of specific admissions in the lending process under SASPF in the realization of a Leihnachweises for related material of BINBw in SASPF.
Contract award: "Making the SASPF ability in data transmission network (DTN) FlaRak, EBS and EBS MatLagerNsch BuchFE-Ausstg FlaRak".