SASPISouthern Africa Stroke Prevention Initiative
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Among the prestigious award recipients at the congress was our very own SASPI Chairman, Professor Savvas Andronikou, who received honorary membership of the SPR.
As SASPI Vice-Chair and Secretary, respectively, Jaishree Naidoo and Vicci du Plessis represented South Africa at the annual meeting of the World Federation of Paediatric Imaging (WFPI).
The SASPI co-executive committee extend heartfelt thanks to the RSSA, including the CME trustees, administrators, CEO and President, the SPR, the WFPI and of course SASPI for affording us the unique and valuable opportunity to attend SPR 2013.
The SASPI study compared the prevalence of stroke survivors who required help with at least one activity of daily living (a marker of disability) with similar figures from Tanzania and New Zealand.
Connor MD, Thorogood M, Casserly B, Dobson C, Warlow CP, on behalf of the SASPI project team.