SASWSpectral Analysis of Surface Waves
SASWSociology, Anthropology, and Social Work (university program; various locations)
SASWSingapore Association of Social Workers
SASWStudent Association of Social Workers (college group; various locations)
SASWSmart And Secure Way (security applications)
SASWStandard Application Software
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An average of 43 [+ or -] 6 bacterial colonies (CFU) were observed on the 6 plates seeded with oyster tissue homogenate treated with SASW.
ariakensis were inoculated with either 25 ppt SASW (one tank) or with P.
Mortality was observed in untreated oysters and in those injected with either SASW or P.
marinus proliferated to PCR detectable levels after 59 days in aquaria with disease developing and mortality subsequently occurring in not only those oyster groups that had been subjected to notching and inoculation with either SASW or P.
The amendments also make SASW fully accountable for the authorization and regulation of social work professionals who are authorized to diagnose.