SASWSpectral Analysis of Surface Waves
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SASWStandard Application Software
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Samples of digestive tissues from each oyster were removed using aseptic techniques, pooled, homogenized, and diluted 1:5 in SASW. Serial dilutions of homogenate (no dilution, 1:10, and 1:100) were mixed with either tachyplesin, pleurocidin-amide (final peptide concentration of 20 [micro]g [mL.sup.-1]), or SASW (negative control) and incubated at 19[degrees]C for 3 h.
Keywords: 2-D and 3-D stiffness matrix model, SASW, pavement structure.
This attribute is used in the spectral analysis of surface waves (SASW) to study material properties and structures as a function of wavelength.
In situ [V.sub.S] can be measured by several seismic tests, including cross hole, down hole, seismic cone penetrometer (SCPT), suspension logger, and spectral analysis of the surface waves (SASW) [8].
ariakensis received single pallial cavity injections of 100 [micro]L of 25 ppt sterile artificial seawater (SASW) through a notch in the shell, and 40 animals were inoculated with [10.sup.5] log phase cultured P.
June 5-8: National Conference: Saskatoon; Canadian Association of Social Workers, [E] sasw 2004