SASYSupplied Air Snorkeling for Youth (scuba equipment)
SASYSales Automation System (US GSA)
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After Deputy Speaker Ali Motahari called for the principals of the schools to be sacked, Sasy sassily invited the politician to take part in the challenge, and then suggesting he should focus on more important issues than kids dancing.
The British Government is calling for a reduction in farm production subsidies to be reduced in the new CAP and sasy that ultimately, the industry should not rely on direct subsidies.
Karoubi, the only cleric in the race, has even met one of Iran s best-known underground rap singers, Sasy Mankan.
Karroubi has even met one of Iran's best-known underground rap singers, Sasy Mankan.
Junior Jammers and teens enjoy snorkeling safaris identifying tropical fish and SASY (supplied air snorkeling for youths), building monster-size sand castles, helping the captain sail, going on treasure hunts, and dressing up for costume parties.
Contact Margaret McKenney, 461-7777, to register or to inquire about the SASY (surface-only SCUBA) program for ages 5 and up and Bubblemakers program for ages 8-12.
External assistance programs should not be used as a convenient 'alibi' to avoid real political action on human rights, sasy the NGOs.
The company sasy it has developed a unique magnesium-coating process working together with the Materials Performance Technology division of Crown Research Institute Industrial Research.
The Software Architects' SYnthesis model (SASY) [9] is a process model that is a synthesis of the most effective aspects of a number of object-oriented methods.
"Many of us have been consumed for the past six years by the issue of whether magnetic flux lattices could indeed melt," Bishop sasy. Now, "seeing is believing."
"Manufacturing in space is noot really all that different from doing it on the ground," he sasy. In fact, space production activities actually enjoy fewer risks then encountered by similar Earthbound manufacturing.