SAT9Stanford Achievement Test 9
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Specifically, those students (both monolingual English and ELLs) who achieved a higher reading proficiency level in first grade performed better on SAT9 in fourth grade.
(d) ?La combinacion de ser ELL con un bajo estatus socioeconomico y/o el bajo estatus socioeconomico por si solo tienen un efecto indirecto en el SAT9 por nivel lector en 1 y/o el progreso conseguido en fluidez lectora desde 1 hasta 4?
They'll be starting those as soon as we finish Drops in the Bucket because I know we'll be ready for the SAT9. They'll be starting those, and they can go however fast they want to go.
The following are appended: (1) School Report card Grading Guide; and (2) Guam DOE SY (School Year) 02 to 04 SAT9 Disaggregated Performance Levels.
(2)Norm-referenced scoring is used on the Terra Nova, SAT9, MAT7, and ITBS tests NOTE: The group Parents Advocating School Responsibility has faulted Edison for including only 74 schools in the study at a time when it was operating 113 schools.
Vox (Fujairah City Centre)(Thu to Sat9.15pm, 11.50, (Sun to Wed) 8.15pm, 10.50
Students eligible for support services through the Saturday or Afternoon Academies were determined to be academically at risk on at least one of the following criteria: (A) DSTP and Stanford Achievement Test Ninth Edition (SAT9) scores from the previous academic year which would indicate that successfully passing of future state testing would be problematic and may hinder a student's opportunity to graduate to another class or out of secondary school altogether.
Appended are the following: (1) Glossary; (2) Student Focus Committee Members; (3) Reading First Committee Members; and (4) District SAT9 Test Scores.
Additionally, variability in performance related to the sixth-grade reading passage was found to have the strongest predictive strength to overall performance variability on both SAT9 and HSEE reading sub-scales.