SATCCSingapore Air Traffic Control Centre (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore)
SATCCSouthern Africa Transport and Communications Commission
SATCCShipboard Air Traffic Control Communications
SATCCShell Australian Touring Car Championship (racing)
SATCCSouth African Touring Car Championships
SATCCSpin-Amplified Tube Cell Culture (herpes simplex virus)
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The apprenticeship system is strong due to the partnerships between the SATCC, the Government of Saskatchewan, technical training providers, trade boards, employers and apprentices, SATCC Commission Board Chair Drew Tiefenbach said.
In advance of the establishment of such a new regional institution, work should begin on rationalising the activities in the transport and communications sector of Comesa and SATCC, taking into account the contents of SACU's Memorandum of Understanding on Road Transport.
The SYA Program is a great way to engage high school students and get them thinking about a possible future in the skilled trades, SATCC Board Chair Doug Christie said.
Contract awarded for Supply and delivery of pest control services for CS premises including ANS premises in offshore islands, SATCC, S and CS corporate offices
Mr Yap Ong Heng, Director-General of CS said, The new SATCC demonstrates CS determination to continually enhance our air traffic management capability for the Singapore Flight Information Region and Changi air hub.
The SATCC has experienced exponential growth in the number of apprentices registered and trained in the past five years and we anticipate continued demand for skilled tradespeople to meet Saskatchewan's labour market development needs," SATCC Board of Directors Chair Garry Kot said.
The SATCC Board of Directors established a board sub-committee to conduct the national search for a CEO.
An extensive and thorough search process was undertaken," SATCC Board of Directors Vice-Chair Doug Christie said.
This is an exciting time for apprenticeship in Saskatchewan," SATCC incoming CEO Jeff Ritter said.
Ritter will succeed current CEO, Joe Black who has led the SATCC during a period of exceptional growth and innovation over the past five years by generating greater awareness of the apprenticeship system.