SATCCSouthern Africa Transport and Communications Commission
SATCCShipboard Air Traffic Control Communications
SATCCShell Australian Touring Car Championship (racing)
SATCCSouth African Touring Car Championships
SATCCSpin-Amplified Tube Cell Culture (herpes simplex virus)
SATCCSingapore Air Traffic Control Centre (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore)
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The SATCC Board of Directors established a board sub-committee to conduct the national search for a CEO.
An extensive and thorough search process was undertaken," SATCC Board of Directors Vice-Chair Doug Christie said.
This is an exciting time for apprenticeship in Saskatchewan," SATCC incoming CEO Jeff Ritter said.
SATCC has no executive powers and provides only a forum for collaboration and discussion.
In advance of the establishment of such a new regional institution, work should begin on rationalising the activities in the transport and communications sector of Comesa and SATCC, taking into account the contents of SACU's Memorandum of Understanding on Road Transport.
Contract awarded for Petroleum Storage licenses required under the Fire Safety Act (Chapter 109A), Fire Safety (Petroleum And Flammable Materials) Regulation 2005 for all diesel storage tanks in SATCC Complex as listed under Annex B.