SATDSStand Alone Tower Display System
SATDSSolway Argentine Tango Dance Society (UK)
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For example, when [??] has the b-th minimum SATD among N RMD modes, the best subset that reduces complexity maximally while keeping coding efficiency is [S.sub.k] with k equal to b.
To achieve the aim, the relative SATD of a subset [S.sub.k], [gamma], is defined by
To exploit a relation between the target subset [??] and the relative SATD [gamma], experiments have been performed under common HM test conditions [36] for JCT-VC test sequences, including SteamLocomotiveTrain, Traffic, Cactus, ParkScene, BQMall, PartyScene, BlowingBubbles, and BQSquare.
To select a subset [S.sub.k] according to the relative SATD, [gamma], a modified Bayesian classification framework is introduced.
As observed in the figure, [p.sub.16](y|[[omega].sub.p]) is greater than [p.sub.16](y|[[omega].sub.q]) when the relative SATD [gamma] is smaller than about 0.9.
A fast intra prediction algorithm using the minimum-risk Bayesian classifier with the relative SATD is proposed.
First, the individual performance of the proposed fast intra mode decision method employing the modified minimum-risk Bayesian classifier with the relative SATD is evaluated.
Because it has very sharp edges and dominant directions of texture, the SATD costs of intra prediction modes tend to be significantly different from each other, and the relative SATD cost of subsets thereby decreases rapidly as the total mode number of the subsets increases.