SATECSan Antonio Technology in Education Coalition (Texas)
SATECScarborough Academy for Technological, Environmental and Computer Education (Canada)
SATECSt. Albans Town Educational Center (St. Albans, VT)
SATECSpace Age Testing Equipment Company
SATECSino-American Technology and Engineering Conference
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Loughlin, participated in the SATEC meeting, where leaders from various engineering organizations and government agencies met to offer the Chinese government advice for developing its industrial policy.
8-kN capacity of the SATEC UTM so that parallel-to-grain failure could be induced.
Satec will be providing a series of Pre-fabricated structures like Site offices, Stores, Laboratory, Maintenance& Sheds, Godowns and also accommodation, dining blocks, guest house, dispensary, washing block for directors, engineers and workman
Businesses will be able to buy water from Satec from next April.
Creep measurements were conducted in the same SATEC tensile tester.
Its acquisitions in the second half of 1998 of Satec Systems and Schenk Testing also gave the company a boost in market share.
All stacked Charpy V-notch tests were conducted on a SATEC impact tester with a maximum energy of 400 J at the following temperatures: -125 [degrees]C, -75 [degrees]C, -40 [degrees]C, -25 [degrees]C, 0 [degrees]C, +25 [degrees]C and +75 [degrees]C.
Scientific Instrumentation/equipment for the testing rubber vulcanizates Durability Permeability Fluid resistance Heat resistance (static) Destructive tests Heat build-up Fatigue Abrasion Crack & cut growth Time-dependent tests Dynamic/thermomechanical * Rebound & resilience Creep & stress relaxation * Set Stress/strain tests Adhesion Hardness * Tear Tensile * Physical testing of rubber Microscopes Dimensions * Raw materials, vulcanized & * unvulcanized rubber testing Processability testing Electrical properties Dissipation factor Dielectric strength Dielectric constant * Durability Brittleness Weathering resistance Ozone resistance Rubber Satec Scanco Molding Systems, USA, Technology Inc.
Instron Acquires Satec Systems Canton, MA, 8/5/98-Instron purchased substantially all the assets of Satec Systems, a manufacturer of a range of materials testing equipment, for approximately $12.
El mandatario pretendia que el titular del SATEC durara 12 anos, pero en junio los panistas protestaron y lograron que el periodo se redujera a seis, aun cuando lo consideran demasiado largo.
Louis Division Manufacturers Represented: Basler Electric, Alcad, Electro Switch, SATEC, General Electric automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, UPS.
These services include calibration of all of the company's advanced materials test systems, including Wilson hardness testers, Dynatup impact testers and the Satec Series high capacity instruments.