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SATEMSelected Aquifer Test Evaluation Methods (microcomputer program)
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The three anti-Israeli suicide bombers were motivated by nationalism while Satem and Abu Dahr were driven by religion and anti-Shiite hostility.
Satem was from the village of Hnayder, which lies on Lebanon's northern border in the Wadi Khaled district.
Satem was reported to have traveled to Syria and fought in the Qalamoun area in the weeks before he died.
All the evidence against Satem was neatly laid out on the road," said Sheikh Imad Malabas, a preacher in Wadi Khaled who was a friend of Satem.
Among the Lebanese cadres of Salafist leaders, they will find a wealth of recruits, some of whom may be willing to emulate Satem.
But another source told The Daily Star that Satem had disappeared three months ago, and that he had been fighting in Syria with the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria rebel group (ISIS).
The source added that Satem had been an engineering student at the Lebanese International University in Koura.
The source said that Satem had close ties with his cousin Mohammad Ahmad Satem, who is fighting with the Syrian opposition in Yabroud in the Qalamoun district north of Damascus.
Residents of Wadi Khaled condemned the explosion, saying Satem had nothing to do with the crime.
The Satem family and other families in Wadi Khaled released a statement calling for a "transparent" probe while condemning "any attack against any Lebanese [citizen].
Qotaiba Satem does not know how to drive and we wonder how his identification document was not harmed when his body was burned," the statement said.
A separate statement signed by "Wadi Khaled tribes" accused Hezbollah of "kidnapping" Satem in the Bek Valley four days before the Haret Hreik blast.