SATERNSalvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (Amateur Radio)
SATERNSystem for Administration Training and Educational Resources for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
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Shots performed from long distances, also require greater impulse to propel the ball towards the basket (Miller and Bartlett, 1993, 1996; Satern, 1993; Walters et al.
200 A-MAX Notes:A Loki Weapons Systems AR-15 whit a 16-inch Satern barrel with an 8:1 twist was used for all testing.
Plateau Systems, a leading provider of software for developing, managing and optimizing organizational talent, today announced the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has awarded Plateau the NASA SATERN Firm Award for its contributions to the recently launched SATERN project.
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The Salvation Army's Emergency Radio Network SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Network) is helping more than 40,000 people inquiring about the health and welfare of loved ones affected by Hurricane Katrina.
SILVERTON (69) - Anthony 18, Carr 12, Knudson 11, Peterson 10, Lesire 7, Theiss 3, Satern 8, Gerig, Andrews, Newsom, Littlefied, Roessler.
In one day during the first week after the hurricane, SATERN received more than 600 health and welfare requests, and within the first five days, had received nearly 6,000 requests.
SATERN is tirelessly working to answer the numerous requests, as well as to help coordinate communication in the hurricane affected areas.
In one day, SATERN received more than 600 health and welfare requests.
And, thanks to SATERN, The Salvation Army's emergency radio network, communication in many remote areas may now be accessed and maintained.
In Chicago, Major Patrick McPherson, national director of SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network), is monitoring ham radio transmissions to collect and relay information from the disaster-stricken areas.
One volunteer has ham radio expertise and will be responsible for aiding with communications through The Salvation Army's own radio system, SATERN.