SATFSubstance Abuse Treatment Facility
SATFSecond Amendment Task Force (US Constitution)
SATFSexual Assault Task Force (various locations)
SATFSouth African Tug-of-War Federation (est. 2007)
SATFSilicon Alley Talent Fair (New York)
SATFShortest Access Time First (algorithm)
SATFSubstance Abuse Task Force (various locations)
SATFSecurity Audit Trail Function
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Two hundred and ten probationers--including 147 men and 63 women--were admitted to the SATF from 2000 to 2001.
The high level meeting, jointly presided by President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani at the Presidency, reviewed the law and order situation in the country and decided to set up SATF.
Table 1: Correlation coefficients on the relationships among various indicators of father-adolescent relational qualities at a specific time and over time Time 1 Measures Time 2 Measures Total Sample PTRU TRUF RCF PTRU TRUF RCF TRUF .56 .59 RCF .46 .55 .48 .56 SATF .54 .68 .57 .59 .72 .59 Male Sample TRUF .56 .64 RCF .4 .47 .46 .53 SATF .53 .66 .51 .63 .74 .54 Female Sample TRUF .57 .56 RCF .50 .60 .49 .58 SATF .55 .69 .61 .57 .71 .63 Time 3 Measures Time 1 Predictors [right arrow] Time 3 Satisfaction Total Sample PTRU TRUF RCF PTRU TRUF RCF TRUF .57 -- RCF .44 .58 -- -- SATF .57 .73 .59 .37 .45 .37 Male Sample TRUF .6 -- RCF .41 .53 -- -- SATF .58 .74 .51 .36 .4 .32 Female Sample TRUF .56 -- RCF .45 .62 -- -- SATF .57 .73 .65 .37 .49 .39 Note.
The SATF in its message said that, "This victory sends a very clear message that the people in Sri Lanka want change and that change should take place immediately."
Satisfaction with Paternal Control Scale (SATF) and Satisfaction with Maternal Control Scale (SATM): Based on the literature, the following items were developed to form the Satisfaction with Paternal Control Scale: (1) I feel that how my father disciplines me is reasonable.
After introducing the issue, the article explicates research findings regarding professional environment and subjective perceptions of physical and psychological health for custody personnel at the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF) at Corcoran State Prison in California.
The anthology is content to reproduce uncritically the text of the SATF edition, which is a pity, since one can often question some of the latter's editorial decisions.
(19) All three versions were edited by Gaston Paris and Alphonse Bos in Trois versions rimees de l'Evangile de Nicodeme (Paris: SATF, 1885).
111voa): "D'un dulz escrit orrez la sume." This refers to the entire life of Giles that follows, and sume must therefore mean something like "all there is." The text is edited by Alphonse Bos, La vie de Saint Gilles par Guillaume de Berneville (Paris: SATF, 1881), and dates from shortly after 1170.