SATFSubstance Abuse Treatment Facility
SATFSexual Assault Task Force (various locations)
SATFShortest Access Time First (algorithm)
SATFSubstance Abuse Task Force (various locations)
SATFSecurity Audit Trail Function
SATFSilicon Alley Talent Fair (New York)
SATFSouth African Tug-of-War Federation (est. 2007)
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Two hundred and ten probationers--including 147 men and 63 women--were admitted to the SATF from 2000 to 2001.
An extensive battery of information including demographics, reports of psychological, social, emotional and financial functioning, criminal and drug use history, and family background was taken at admission to the SATF.
For path H3: satisfaction-market share Equation 1a Ho: MSHA% = TYPE + L%TOT + L%MST + error Equation 1b Ha: MSHA% = TYPE + SATF + L%TOT + L%MST + error For path H1: satisfaction-loyalty Equation 2a Ho: SATF = TYPE + error Equation 2b Ha: SATF = TYPE + L%MST + error Equation 2c Ho: SATF = TYPE + error Equation 2d Ha: SATF = TYPE + L%TOT + error For path H2: loyalty-market share Equation 3a Ho: MSHA% = TYPE + SATF + error Equation 3b Ha: MSHA% = TYPE + SATF + L%TOT + L%MST + error For path: type-market share Equation 4a Ho: MSHA% = SATF + L%TOT + L%MST + error Equation 4b Ha: MSHA% = TYPE + SATF + L%TOT + L%MST + error For path: type-loyalty Equation 5a Ho: TYPE = SATF + error Equation 5b Ha: TYPE = SATF + L%TOT + L%MST + error.
Table 1: General Statistics: Aggregate Derived Indicators by Store Type Store Type Store # MSHA% L%TOT L%MST SATF Health HC2 5.
We have the venue till midnight, so we might as well use it," says SATF Co-Organizer Ron Zeligzon, who credits the entrepreneurial nature of those involved for ensuring the event is "not your average job fair.
Table 2 Inter-Relationships between Measures of Parental Behavioral Control and Measures of Parent-Child Relational Quality Variables FTRU TRUF SATF RCF FCRQ PKNO .
The data presented in this article were gathered between August 1998 and August 1999 at the SATF at Corcoran State Prison in California, which has been in operation since the spring of 1997 for general custody assignment.
A two-year history of collaboration with SATF via training activity was indispensable in beginning the research.
Leopold Constans, 6 vols, SATF (Paris, 1904-12); there is a further reference to `Beneoiz qui cist romanz fist' in the penultimate line of MSS [A.
22) The proposition was first made by Ernest Hoepffner, in the introduction to his edition of Machaut's CEuvres, SATF, 3 vols (Paris, 1908-21), I, pp.
This edition of the Suite du Merlin that does not form an integral part of the full Lancelot--Grail or Vulgate cycle is a welcome replacement for the SATF edition by Gaston Paris and J.
Despite Jung's modest disclaimer that this section was never intended to provide the basis for a new edition of Benoit de Sainte-Maure's seminal work, it does point the way to a justifiable choice of base manuscripts for the long-overdue replacement for the SATF volumes.