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Two hundred and ten probationers--including 147 men and 63 women--were admitted to the SATF from 2000 to 2001.
An extensive battery of information including demographics, reports of psychological, social, emotional and financial functioning, criminal and drug use history, and family background was taken at admission to the SATF.
For path H3: satisfaction-market share Equation 1a Ho: MSHA% = TYPE + L%TOT + L%MST + error Equation 1b Ha: MSHA% = TYPE + SATF + L%TOT + L%MST + error For path H1: satisfaction-loyalty Equation 2a Ho: SATF = TYPE + error Equation 2b Ha: SATF = TYPE + L%MST + error Equation 2c Ho: SATF = TYPE + error Equation 2d Ha: SATF = TYPE + L%TOT + error For path H2: loyalty-market share Equation 3a Ho: MSHA% = TYPE + SATF + error Equation 3b Ha: MSHA% = TYPE + SATF + L%TOT + L%MST + error For path: type-market share Equation 4a Ho: MSHA% = SATF + L%TOT + L%MST + error Equation 4b Ha: MSHA% = TYPE + SATF + L%TOT + L%MST + error For path: type-loyalty Equation 5a Ho: TYPE = SATF + error Equation 5b Ha: TYPE = SATF + L%TOT + L%MST + error.
Table 1: General Statistics: Aggregate Derived Indicators by Store Type Store Type Store # MSHA% L%TOT L%MST SATF Health HC2 5.
6041), and the SATF editors agreed with the traditional identification and etymology of "Aiol" with Saint Ayoul (Aigulphus) venerated at the Church of Saint Ayoul in Provins (September 3) (pp.
Placement of miniatures and complete rubrication for Aiol and Elie are given in both SATF editions (referred to above) and in Foerster's edition, pp.
The press release said, "The SATF will be waiting for the outcomes of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) report on the atrocities that took place in 2009, where it was estimated that over 40,000 Tamil speaking people were killed.
Table 2 Inter-Relationships between Measures of Parental Behavioral Control and Measures of Parent-Child Relational Quality Variables FTRU TRUF SATF RCF FCRQ PKNO .
The data presented in this article were gathered between August 1998 and August 1999 at the SATF at Corcoran State Prison in California, which has been in operation since the spring of 1997 for general custody assignment.
19) All three versions were edited by Gaston Paris and Alphonse Bos in Trois versions rimees de l'Evangile de Nicodeme (Paris: SATF, 1885).
Paris: SATF, 1938-40), lines 7335-42; see Nancy Vine Durling, "Translation and Innovation in the Roman de Brut," in Medieval Translators and Their Craft, ed.