SATFASecurity Assistance Training Field Activity
SATFASupport around Termination for Abnormality
SATFASan Antonio Texas Faculty Association
SATFAService Assistance Training Field Activity
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The database at SATFA is automatically updated at the same time the IMSO updates the SAN database.
The latter two features permit the SAN IMSO Web and the SATFA Green Book to stay in agreement as IMSOs modify course notes and prerequisites.
Although there were a few rumblings about coming to Dayton, Ohio in the middle of winter, the review was well attended by implementing agency representatives from DFAS, DSCA, SAF/IA, AFMC, AFSAT, Navy IPO, DUSA/IA, AMC, SATFA, USASAC, USMC, and the Coast Guard, along with unified command participants from CENTCOM, EUCOM, PACOM and SOUTHCOM.