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SATIStep Away the Inches
SATISouth African Translators Institute
SATISouth African Tourism Institute
SATISpectral Airglow Temperature Imager
SATISchool Administrators Training Initiative
SATISamrat Ashok Technological Institute (Vidisha, India)
SATISouth Armagh Tourism Initiative (Ireland)
SATIScience and Advanced Technology Institute
SATISoftware Architecture Technology Initiative
SATIService Asset Trading, Inc.
SATIStructure Adjusted Trade Intensity
SATISHAPE Automation Trust Index
SATISouthern Africa Transport Investment
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I've seen and heard everything when it comes to weddings and the Victoria's Secret show got me thinking," says Sati.
Sati was the editorial cartoonist for 'Northern Star' newspaper in Dekalb, Illinois, and his cartoons and caricatures have been published in more than 25 US national newspapers.
Sati was prevalent among some sections of the upper caste Hindus for a long time.
People like James Peggs (whose work, India's Cries to British Humanity, 1827, became an influential document) made special efforts to showcase Roy's views on sati in England, thus establishing Roy's reputation as a feminist, and his appropriation by Victorian feminists.
As far as the custom of sati was concerned, no trace of it was found till 400BC.
Sati is the outlawed Hindu custom of a widow being cremated on the funeral pyre of her husband as an indication of her devotion.
Known as sati, widows would set fire to themselves as a rite of passage when their husbands died, believing that they would remain together for eternity.
As long as the savings will be in non-essential services we'll be sati sf i ed .
On August 7,2002, the Madhya Pradesh government ordered a magisterial inquiry into the incident of sati (self-immolation)in Panna district, India.
Sati Singh is used to serving Limond's promoter Alex Morrison business lunches at his Glasgow city centre restaurant.
Atlanta: Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati Darshan & Weekend Intensive at Kashi Atlanta: March 7-8.
The discussion of Sati illustrates this last point.