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A PDF for the SATJ index from the ALL-run is shown in Fig.
When the possible anthropogenic components are removed from the boundary conditions, the PDF for the SATJ index shifts toward a normal condition (blue curves in Fig.
So, with these principles in mind, we met with the editor of Teaterforum in 1986, and afterwards incorporated the Potchefstroom journal into the newly devised South African Theatre Journal (SATJ).
Initially SATJ had its offices at the Centre for South African Theatre Research (CESAT) at the Human Sciences Research Council, which supported the journal in its early years.
SATJ initially appeared twice a year, but from 1997 it appeared as a double volume, one a year, for logistical reasons.
The advent of the Internet and electronic publishing have also affected the journal, and electronic distribution of SATJ through SABINET and EBSCO has clearly helped to increase readership and the international profile of the journal in the last ten years, to judge by feedback and the reports of these agencies.
The SATJ has moved away from the traditional structure of the journal where articles, reports, reviews and playtexts where published in different sections.
Thirdly, this is to be the last volume of SATJ that we will be printing and distributing from the offices of the Centre for Theatre and Performance Studies at Stellenbosch University.
Another direct result of this move to commercial publishing is that SATJ will now come out in three issues per volume (March, July and November each year).
It seems to us that this is a particularly auspicious year in which to launch the new-look SATJ, and we will be devoting a part of the first issue (Volume 25 No 1) to a brief retrospective look at 25 years of publishing on South African theatre and performance.
It is for this reason that SATJ is particularly happy to have been given permission to publish this early play as part of its text series.