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SATNAVSatellite Navigation
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Kevin said: "The driver said his satnav system had guided him there, but he didn't tell us where he was trying to drive to.
DERWENT RESERVOIR 01207 255250 / SatNav DH89TT Anglers averaged 3.
But Stephen Glaister of the RAC said: "When satnavs lead us down a dead end we need to know how to perform a three-point turn.
A greenkeeper later confirmed there had been a change to the road layout which had not been updated on most satnavs.
It's understood they picked up the hire car minutes before the alert, and the satnav was switched to "foot passenger" mode.
Sport Tech models also boast an alloy pedal set and come with a TomTom satnav system with integrated 5.
For a driver on a 90-minute journey this is equivalent to 11 minutes with their eyes fixed purely on their SatNav screen.
For a driver travelling from London to Brighton, a journey of one and half hours, this is equivalent to 11 minutes with their eyes fixed on their satnav screen.
The worst spot for satnav anger was Aberystwyth, where 75% of drivers admitted to regularly losing their temper with their device.
Auto Business News-October 12, 2011--BMW AG improves in-car satnav with traffic information system(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
com)-- Business efficiency software specialist Postcode Anywhere launches a new, smarter satnav service this week, which goes beyond simple A-to-B route planning to re-order multiple waypoints into the fastest "optimised" itinerary.
The contract provides 600 minutes of airtime per month, unlimited data access, unlimited texts, unlimited e-mails and satnav with Orange Maps.