SATOMSociété Anonyme de Travaux d'Outre-Mer (French)
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Many thanks also go to the authorities of the following institutions and companies in Cameroon for their collaboration: Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Investment and Territorial Development, Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement (IRD), SCETAUTOROUTE, SATOM, RAZEL, SOGEA.
The contract covers the following services - The transport of household waste compacted common Chatel, wharf transfer to Chatel site Incineration company SATOM in Monthey (Switzerland) : - The transport of bulky buckets and wood from local collection, on the site of the cremation society SATOM in Monthey (Switzerland)
Table 1 Erzya verb-stem system attests to a three-way split Verb stem Gloss +INF+ILL type Consonant-final 'to give maks+Om+s maksoms 'to bind sod+Om+s sodoms 'to go mol+Om+s mol'ems 'to scold; sudo+Om+s sudoms Vowel-final 'to curse 'to carve' lakse+Om+s laksems 'to know; soda+Om+s sodams 'to recognize 'to repeat polaksa+Om+s polaksams T-stem 'to suffice satoT+Om+s satoms 'to become kundsetteT+Om+s kundsettems 'tongue-tied Verb stem Gloss +IND.