SATOPSpace Alliance Technology Outreach Program
SATOPStructure Agnostic TDM over Packet
SATOPSubstance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (Missouri)
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Within a few days, AJ Lucas, SATOP deputy program director, orchestrated a conference call between Eaton and Kevin Moore, an engineer with Barrios Technology at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.
The technical solution facilitated by SATOP is scheduled for beta testing in the field during the summer of 2007; consumer deployments could be right around the corner.
We are a startup company with limited resources and SATOP has provided us solutions to power-related problems on two occasions that we just didn't have the experience to solve ourselves," Eaton said.
SATOP matches business owners with space-industry technical teams.
Ironically, this customer was a representative from the Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation, an economic development organization in New York, and knew about SATOP.
LaGoy completed a Request for Technical Assistance (RTA), which was assigned to New Mexico State University, a SATOP alliance partner.
SATOP is made up of an Alliance of more than 45 space companies, universities, colleges, and NASA centers, with the mission to help small businesses apply the technical expertise derived from the US space program.
These organizations join SATOP as Alliance Partners and donate time and expertise to help solve technical challenges for small businesses.
This product has been endorsed and supported by law enforcement agencies, local and national media, government agencies, and NASA's SATOP program.