SATPSubstance Abuse Treatment Program
SATPSouth Asia Terrorism Portal
SATPSexual Abuse Treatment Program
SATPSecurity Assistance Training Program
SATPStandard Ambient Temperature and Pressure
SATPSpecial Assistant to the President (various organizations)
SATPSmall Arms Target Practice (US DoD)
SATPSpatial Average Temporal Peak (medical ultrasound)
SATPSubstance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
SATPSystem Acceptance Test Plan
SATPSoftware Acceptance Test Plan
SATPSecurity Awareness and Training Plan
SATPSecure Asynchronous Transport Protocol
SATPSan Andreas Traffic Police (gaming, Grand Theft Auto)
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SATP, South Asian Terrorism Portal,, last accessed January 8, 2019
According to the SATP, the Maoists have been able to 'establish a disruptive dominance' in remote parts of central India where 'they continue to demonstrate capacities to inflict significant harm on SF [the Security Forces] and civilians alike.'
Figure 8 shows the plots for energy released per SATP L of air input (secondary axis).
[1] SATP, NATO related attacks in Pakistan, http://www.satp .org/satporgtp/countries/pakistan/database/natoattack.htm.
Pakistan on Saturday marked the third anniversary of the school attack and a stock-taking of the successes of the operation revealed it has resulted in more than 7,000 terrorists killed, and terrorist attacks and casualties reduced by two-thirds, as confirmed by SATP. The successes of the operation have been hailed by former US President Barack Obama and the leadership of the Pentagon, the US Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, US Central Command (Centcom), and NATO.
Significant differences were observed between African American students' and White students' mean global scores on the both the ATP and SATP measures.
In this study, the Student Assessment of Teacher Performance (SATP) was utilized to define and measure teacher performance.
The South Asia Terrorism Portal (SATP), run by the nonprofit Institute for Conflict Management, reported 193 fatalities in Jammu and Kashmir during the year, including 51 security forces persons, 32 civilians and 110 "terrorists".
The recent terror activities documented by South Asian Terrorism Portal (SATP) reveal at least one terror-related arrest or swoop down happens every month in West Bengal.
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam-South Asia Terrorism Portal(SATP) Retrieved on December 12 from