SATPSouth Asia Terrorism Portal
SATPSexual Abuse Treatment Program
SATPSecurity Assistance Training Program
SATPStandard Ambient Temperature and Pressure
SATPSpatial Average Temporal Peak (medical ultrasound)
SATPSubstance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
SATPSystem Acceptance Test Plan
SATPSecurity Awareness and Training Plan
SATPSoftware Acceptance Test Plan
SATPSecure Asynchronous Transport Protocol
SATPSan Andreas Traffic Police (gaming, Grand Theft Auto)
SATPSubstance Abuse Treatment Program
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A review of test scores at the local, state, national and international levels reveals that the passing percentages of the SATP (Table 2), may be as much a reflection of the nature of the test preparation at the state and local level as they are a function of the actual performance ability of the students.
The Importance of the SATP and the Role of English Language Training in its Success
Simply stated, we would hardly judge the SATP to be successful in the case of an IMS who, having graduated at the top of his professional military education class, could not wait to get back to his country to apply acquired knowledge and skills to plan the destruction of the United States.
Most of us who have had experience with the SATP are staunch believers in its efficacy.