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SATRASouth African Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
SATRAShoe and Allied Trade Research Association (England)
SATRASafety and Technical Rescue Association (est. 1990; Livonia, MI)
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The kind of choices I'm making right now, they are not very commercial choices, like Satra Ko Shaadi Hai.
R) PAR AS 174,1, 194,2 (all uktva); SP 203,3, 286,11, 357,9 (all vaditva); see Allon, Three Gandhari Ekottarikagama-Type Satras, 178-83, esp.
Hafiz Ahmad Ali of Institute of Islamic Sciences, Satra Meel, Islamabad, the lone male among the position holders, bagged third position by securing 918 marks.
But just to make sure these Soviet chariots passed muster the importers, Satra opened a massive UK centre at Carnaby near Bridlington where all vehicles were not only dewaxed after often punishing sea voyages but also subjected to a 40-point mechanical and electrical check with the emphasis on safety.
Testing to US CPSIA standard is now being offered by SATRA, the former footwear testing association in Kettering.
Mimamsa Satra of Jaimini (Delhi: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, 2007).
35) Other elements of Finch's design, particularly the outer protective layer, look remarkably like a predecessor to the high altitude SATRA boot used in 1953.
477,500, 32 Meeting House Ln #14, Middle Road LLC, to Kadakia, Khyati, and Satra, Nikhil B.
The American baritone Andrew Schroeder is also impresive as the Duke of Nottingham and his wife, Satra, is well sung by Frederica Bagaglio.
A black Vauxhall Satra, on false registration plates, previously stolen at gunpoint in Atherstone on January 27 was also found.
A black Vauxhall Satra on false registration plates stolen at gunpoint in Atherstone on January 27 was also found there.
Regarding slip resistance, testing of a partially worn smartLite sole (conducted at Satra Technology Centre, U.