SATRCSexual Assault & Trauma Resource Center of Rhode Island
SATRCSouth Asian Telecom Regulators Council
SATRCSouth African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (est. 1996)
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For the SATRC, emphasis on forgiveness, amnesty and the exclusion of retributive or prosecutorial truths, meant forgetting became connate to forgiveness; elements within the SATRC theme of reconciliation.
Throughout the spectrum of opinion there seems to be consensus about one thing: its role as a 'truth making machine;' (50) the SATRC was actively involved in moulding the collective memory.
I contend that forgiveness and forgetting were the two primary elements within the SATRC notion of reconciliation.
61) The Interim Report of the SATRC stated: "We hope that the Commission will contribute to the process of healing a traumatised and wounded people.
64) In this sense therefore, that perpetrators must seek amnesty, that victims must not seek retribution, that the species of reconciliation at the SATRC centred around the theme of forgiveness.
89) The SATRC and its proponents did not comprehensively consider that "the languages in which we converse .
The SATRC endeavoured to foster reconciliation in its target society through a collectivisation of memory.
99) Whether it is the express administrative measures and devices such as official campaigns of coercive forgetting as were carried out in the Soviet Union, China and Czechoslovakia or the more tacit measures, intentional or otherwise, an example of which is the forgetting fostered through the SATRC process, "memory seems to have a mind of its own .
103) Mamdani holds that institutional truth, such as that produced by the SATRC 'links truth to power' and eventually translocates political compromise into moral compromise.
Tobias explains that the SATRC addressed two kinds of memory, 'common' and 'deep'.
117) The SATRC did utilise some of these methods for example "the use of the word 'trauma' to describe not individual physical experiences but collective historical events .
Winslow, for example, explains that the SATRC was designed to remedy national problems and restore the moral order on a national basis and therefore it was the needs of the nation and not individuals that were of paramount concern.