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Though it is made clear in the comics that Buffy is not gay, the relationship between Buffy and Satsu helps illustrate the fluidity of sexuality, and Buffy's open-mindedness toward different kinds of love.
It turned out that So satsu had become Christian even before he married Monica.
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From his screenplay for Alien Resurrection where Winona Ryder and Sigourney Weaver spend two hours constantly on the verge of some hot-android-on-half-alien girlie action; to his inclusion of two bisexual women in Firefly; a lesbian character in his comic Runaways; and the introduction of another new lesbian character, Satsu, in the Buffy comic (who, incidentally, beds the titular slayer); Whedon time and time again shows his affinity for queer women.
A scantily clad Buffy is seen panting in bed with Satsu, one of her proteges, who is lying naked under the sheets with her, an arm slung around Buffy's middle.
satsu tu vedantavakyesu jagato janmadikaranavadisu tadarthagrahanadardhyayanumanam api vedantavakyavirodhi pramanam bhavan na nivaryate, srutyaiva ca sahayatvena tarkasyabhyupetatvat.