SATUCCSouthern African Trade Union Coordination Council
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SATUCC has played a major role at SADC with the drafting and implementation of the SADC Charter on Social Rights and was also a key player in the negotiations which culminated in the adoption and signing of the Protocol on Employment and Labor at SADC.
He further stated that as a regional trade union umbrella, SATUCC aims to unite the working class, the poor, the voiceless against exploitation, injustice and oppression through providing a dynamic inclusive and sustainable platform to influence regional policy in favor of the working populations and the poor (Muneko, 2013).
SATUCC seems to be hampered by independent dynamism and effective leadership, which also reflects on the weaknesses of some national trade unions within SADC.
The strongest trade union federation in SADC is COSATU but COSATU does not participate directly in any institutional body of SADC, even though another perspective might be that COSATU is represented in the institutional bodies of SADC through SATUCC.
SATUCC and COSATU should make efforts to have a greater participation in the SADC structures and shape it according to the interests of Southern African workers.