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SATURNSecond-Generation Anti-Jam Tactical UHF Radio for NATO
SATURNSpace Application Technology User Reachback Node (communications)
SATURNSEI Architecture Technology User Network (Conference)
SATURNSimulation and Assignment of Traffic to Urban Road Network
SATURNSONET-ATM User Network (founded 1992)
SATURNSimulation and Analysis Tools for Urban Automated Rapid Transit Networks
SATURNSecure Access to University Restricted Network
SATURNStatewide Anti-Terrorism Unifed Response Network (Massachusetts)
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Don't miss your chance to see Saturn, currently in opposition to the Sun and is closest to Earthe, binocular or telescope Image Credit: SUPPLIED How to spot Saturn
When the ringed planet reaches opposition, Saturn, Earth, and the sun are all in a straight line, with Earth in the middle.
In a ( statement , Cassini project scientist Linda Spilker said that Saturn's rings "held the answer" to the question all along.
On the same date, the night sky will brighten as Saturn will glow with the full moon which will rise not too far from the gas giant.
Further, the statement notes that Saturn will again approach Mercury on January 13, 2018.
After releasing Huygens on Saturn, Cassini continued to orbit Saturn, collecting information about the planet's rings, atmosphere, and its many moons.
(10) However, implementation of the Settlement Agreement ran into numerous difficulties, and Saturn filed an informal complaint with the FCC and a three-claim lawsuit in federal district court against AT&T in connection with the ongoing conflict.
Fuller says the wave patterns indicate that Saturn's interior is more intricate than a solid core surrounded by churning layers of gas.
Compared to some other planets, Saturn really does have that "wow" factor.
One reason the Saturn V was so successful involved engineering into it the ability to expand its mission and capabilities.
The team's findings provide a "smoking gun" for the theory that Saturn's auroral displays are often caused by the dramatic collapse of its "magnetic tail."
TEHRAN (FNA)- NASA's Cassini satellite appears to have captured an incredibly rare photo that shows the birth of a new moon emerging from the rings of Saturn.