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SATURNSStructured Asset Trust Unit Repackagings
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"But look at Lucy--complaining of Saturn, and all the time's got the Beautiful White Devil in her hand, ready to plug it in.
As he spoke the son of Saturn bowed his dark brows, and the ambrosial locks swayed on his immortal head, till vast Olympus reeled.
"Dread son of Saturn," answered Juno, "what are you talking about?
When the larger Saturns finally arrived last year, their launch could only be described as ill-planned.
Today, Martin, who owns an Oldsmobile/Cadillac, Dodge/Jeep/Eagle, Chevrolet/Geo and four Saturn dealerships, has many more cars to chose from.
On November 3, 1983, CEO Roger Smith announced with great pride and stars-and-stripes fanfare that Saturn would prove GM could profitably build a small automobile in the U.S.
If a vehicle can be considered a "coming out" party for a brand, then that's exactly what the Saturn Relay is.
If stars other than the sun have planets, those orbiting bodies probably don't match Jupiter and Saturn in size and composition.
It's very easy to summarize any Saturn: "A spaceframe vehicle with polymer doors and fenders, horizontal headlamps, a side 'swoosh' character line, and 'Saturn' badges located behind the wheel openings in the front fenders." This also describes the 2003 Ion, which is available either as a sedan or a "Quad Coupe." It's the first nameplate--Saturns now have names, not just alphanumerics--to use GM's Delta architecture.
When astronomers search for planets orbiting other stars, they often look for bodies similar to Jupiter or Saturn. After all, these behemoths of the outer solar system are both big and bright.
The moons embedded within or located near Saturn's rings - Pan, Daphnis, Atlas, Pandora and Epimetheus - were found to have some strange features.