SATVShizuoka Asahi TV (Japan)
SATVSoftware Assurance Training Voucher (Microsoft)
SATVSatellite Antenna Television
SATVSubcutaneous Adipose Tissue Volume
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Additionally, results of recent investigations on complete N and M genes and partial L genes of SHAV, Douglas virus (DOUV), and Sathuperi virus (SATV) suggested that SBV is a reassortant consisting of the M segment from SATV and the S and L segments from SHAV (9).
To enable comparative sequence analysis and phylogenetic investigations, we determined almost full-length S-, M-, and L-segment sequences for 9 Simbu serogroup viruses belonging to 5 species (Table 1): SHAV, Peaton virus, and Sango virus, species Shamonda virus; DOUV and SATV, species Sathuperi virus; Aino virus and Shuni virus, species Shuni virus; Sabo virus, species Akabane virus; and Simbu virus, species Simbu virus.
The L gene sequence of SBV had the lowest identity to OROV (60.4% nt; 57.5% aa) and highest identity to SHAV (92.9% nt; 98.4% aa); the SBV M gene showed the highest sequence identity to SATV (82.1% nt; 90.1% aa), whereas identity of SBV and SHAV M gene was low (48.2% nt; 36.5% aa).
Para determinar la valoracion de la motilidad individual se utilizo el criterio de la SATV [9].
La medida de la CES se realizo siguiendo la metodologia dada por la Sociedad Americana de Teriogenologia Veterinaria (SATV) para el Estudio de la Evaluacion Reproductora [9].
Community College students were required to post a 330 SATV, a 310 SATM, and only the 16 required CPC units.
About 600 indie operators still exist, but many of these now belong to SATV, a co-op that's starting to buy programming in bulk for its members.
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