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SATVASoftware and Technology Vendors Association
SATVASystems' Approach to Vedic Astrology
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By standardizing the metadata that will be placed on the 'envelope' that SATVA is piloting, DS4P will make it easier for EHRs from different vendors to understand the distribution limits and legal requirements that are attached to the enclosed patient record," Weinstein explained.
Kipp has been up for a few flights at 4am, and is pretty sure there is no satva about at that time of day for us.
SATVA is a trade organization for providers of behavioral health and human services software and information technology.
executive director of SATVA, said, "SATVA is proud to partner with SAMHSA in sponsoring and organizing this historic event; for the first time ever a comprehensive group of the nation's behavioral health care leaders met to plan a nationwide strategy for behavioral health information management.
In a development of potential importance to the evolution of state-based health information exchanges, Anasazi Software and Valley Hope Assocation, both member organizations of SATVA (the Software and Technology Vendors' Association), demonstrated how to exchange "ultrasensitive" health information summaries (HL-7 compliant CCD or "continuity of care documents") between different EHR systems.
SATVA, formerly the Behavioral Health Software and Technology Vendor's Alliance, started in March 1999 as a five-hour meeting between leaders of major behavioral health software and technology companies in San Jose, California.
Members of SATVA closing ranks around an EHR interoperability solution--a cloud-based Health Information Services Platform (HISP)--with a new twist: an interoperable Continuity of Care Document that allows for real--not simulated--interchange of "ultrasensitive" addiction treatment information.
com is one of the most recognized e-commerce brands in the world of action sports and sponsors a number of prominent professional athletes including Shaun Palmer, Peter Mel, Chris Senn and Satva Leung.
We would go to MACBA and see who was skating, maybe Jon Newport, Alex Castaneda, Ali Boulala, Lee Smith, Satva Leung, Jason Masse, Kenny Reed or Paul Shier, along with a crowd of people I didn't recognize.
com, the leading specialty action sports e-tailer, launched today its first MicroVanity website, which features pro-skateboarder Satva Bodhi Leung, 23.
Patient confidentiality remains a sticking point, though members of SATVA are developing an electronic system for managing consent-directive queries.
Satva DJ battle, and the next thing you know you're finger painting at the funny farm.