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SAUCStimulated Area under the Curve
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Fond worldling, now his heart-blood dries with grief; His conscience kills it; and his labouring brain Begets a world of idle fantasies To over-reach the devil; but all in vain; His store of pleasures must be sauc'd with pain.
"Suburban Metropolis: The City in Peter Wells' Cinema." SAuC 7.1 (2013): 77-86.
We will use the shuffled area under the curve, sAUC, score because of its ability to cater for center bias [41]; since some models implicitly incorporate center bias which makes a fair comparison difficult to perform, it is becoming standard to present results with sAUC.
Lastly, works I love no-cook pasta sauces that you just toss through piping hot pasta to warm through slightly before tucking in, although this dish is just as delicious if you let it sit and cool for a bit, or even serve cold.
HP Sauc gardens, the best in garden shop-is ping and live entertainment from the likes of Monty Don and Alan Titchmarsh.
At least everything seemed freshly and separately prepared - there wasn't that feeling that everything had started life in the same pan of sauc e.
tablespoon 2.95 teaspoon 2.44 onion 2.16 flour 2.13 minc 2.09 garlic 2.06 clove 2.00 sprinkl 1.95 saut 1.92 chop 1.92 parslei 1.92 saucepan 1.79 sauc 1.71 butter 1.59 tomato 1.58 cup 1.51 stir 1.44 preheat 1.37 pepper 1.34 parmesan 1.33 Figure 5 plots this distance between the users' actual rankings and the ideal ranking for each source.
* Diversified Restaurant (NASDAQ: SAUC) stock moved down 7.73% over Friday's trading session after setting a new 52-week low of $0.57 to open trading.
brown sauc and mS alrpp Some Brits also take reminders of people and pets when they go away - 7% take a photograph of a loved one who isn't going on holiday with them, while 4% take a picture of their pet.
"Sweet Dreams: Queensland, Sugar and the 1927 Royal Commission into the Moving Picture Industry." SAuC 5.2 (2011): 107-20.
The generous escalope was crispy on top and succulent underneath while the king prawn fritters were described as wholesome and juicy in a light, cri batter complemented by the soy and plum sauc which was a terrific fusion of flavours.
ALERT3 The kids fell ill after eating some of Loyd Grossman's korma sauce ALERT The ds fell ill er eati ting me of Loyd ossman's rma sauc uce TV FOODIE Z Grossman.